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What's new in Microsoft Intune (2302)

DISCLAIMER: We talk of the new URL where we say don’t use it. This was prior to the newly updated change log within Intune. So now, you free to use the Forget about the old one 😁

Find the latest and greatest on Microsoft Intune in this new series from the MSEndpointMgr team.

We go through all of the new implemented features for Windows in the last months and at the same time, demo and talk how they could be utilized in your environment.

– Introducing support for laser pointers in Remote Help (02:48)
– Insights to enrich the Configuration Manager site health (06:20)
– Portal renamed to Intune admin center (31:30)
– A new Associated Assignments tab for your filters (12:45)
– Temporary Enterprise Feature Control is available in the Settings Catalog (15:00)
– delete stale devices that are managed through Security Management for MDE (20:10)
– Endpoint security Antivirus policy to manage Microsoft Defender update behavior (Preview) (24:25)
– Microsoft Intune Suite (32:45)
– Microsoft Intune Plan 1 (32:45)
– Microsoft Intune Plan 2 (32:45)

What’s new in Microsoft Intune:

New Intune Plans and pricing.

Plan for Change: Enable Intune features that use Windows diagnostic data

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