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Since 2012 the domain has been a continuous evolution, in terms of the technologies we cover, the people behind the blog posts, and the demands on the back-end infrastructure. Today marks one of the biggest changes for us, something we have been preparing since November 2019, and we hope it makes the site better for all of our readers!

New Name

In 2019, with the decision by Microsoft to rebrand Systems Center Configuration Manager, we took the decision that the site needed to move with the times with a re-brand to align with the new Endpoint Manager name.

So we are now proud to introduce you to our new, and to talk you through some of the improvements we have made to the site.

New Hosting Provider

With the increased numbers of visitors, we have seen viewership grow to an annual figure of close to 1.5 million views per year. Throughout the years we have continuously invested in having the best infrastructure to support the blog, and a special thank you to our sponsors who have helped us with this.

With the increased viewership figures, we had previously moved the blog to a dedicated virtual server environment, adding CPU’s and memory allocation, all to ensure that the site was always available. Over the past 18 months though we found that the site’s performance struggled and during high traffic spikes, resulting in 503 unavailable errors being issued to viewers.

To us, this is just simply not acceptable.

So today, with the name change, we have made the move to a new host provider (, on significantly upgraded hardware. So far during tests we are seeing response times drop from 150ms to 2ms, so we hope you notice the difference!

New Theme

Our existing theme was in place since 2017 and we felt that a change was overdue, both to keep the site fresh, but also to make your reading experience more enjoyable on all devices. We are happy with the theme change, the mobile experience in particular has been significantly improved, we hope you agree.

The main home page will feature our six most recent posts, along with a slider showing our featured posts. On clicking through to any of the posts, a new breadcrumb link will be displayed at the top of each post, allowing you to view articles which are related to the technology in the post you are reading:

New Tools Pages

We have given a complete overhaul to our tools pages, hopefully making the pages more informative about what each tool does, the version history and where to download the tools from.

Updates to the tools themselves will follow in the coming days, with new branding and XML sources. One other point that we have taken on-board is a request for sample task sequences, so we will be adding these in the coming days / weeks. Keep an eye on the site for more news on this.

New Social Media Links

With the change of name, please note that our social media links have changed:

Twitter: @MSEndpointMgr

RSS Feed Improvements

WordPress RSS Feeds - Setup & Advanced Configuration | WP EngineĀ®

Our RSS feeds have been improved for those of you subscribing to these feeds. Our main feed is now available along with individual author feeds, so you can subscribe to your favourite blogger(s):

Main feed –
Author feed format example –

Community Focused

Finally, our goal here is to be one of your top sources for all things Endpoint Manager related. We will continue to evolve the site, our events, and our tools, to help you!.

Thanks for reading and we hope you enjoy the content on the new site.


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