Sunday debug: password reset failed

I wasn’t planning to debug anything today on Sunday, but here I am, spent half hour debugging why I can’t reset my password. 🙂

The problem

I log in to portal tried to change my Office 365 account password, and surprised got an error:

We’re sorry, but we cannot change your password at this time. This is due to a temporary connectivity issue, so if you try again later, changing your password may succeed

What I have tried to fix this

I was pretty sure I have configured Self-Service Password Reset in my tenant, so I did a double-check. Turns out, it was disabled, clearly, I disabled it a few weeks ago when I was testing something else, can’t remember what it was. So I enabled this service again, simple, right? But still, I can’t reset my password. In On-premises integration, it still said:

Unfortunately, it looks like we can’t connect to your on-premises writeback client right now

So I checked my Azure AD connect configuration again, Password writeback is enabled, ran a full sync, no issues. I also updated Azure AD connect, ran a full sync again. In Azure portal, Azure AD connect health shows healthy, no sync issues. Everything looks good as it should be.

But still not working… So I went through these two Microsoft documentation how to trouble shoot, nothing really useful for this case

One last try

Hm… not giving up yet. So one last try.

  • Disable Azure AD connect password write back
  • Make full sync using PowerShell: Start-ADSyncSyncCycle -PolicyType Initial
  • Enable Azure AD connect password write backMake
  • full sync using PowerShell: Start-ADSyncSyncCycle -PolicyType Initial

Here we go, problem solved, disabled and re-enabled helped! On-premises integration shows green light, and I can reset my password again.

(Feature image is credit by Sarah Pflug , and the picture is from here )

Sandy Zeng

Sandy is an Enterprise Mobility MVP since 2018. She is an experienced Information Technology Specialist for over 10 years. Skilled in Microsoft Endpoint Manager (ConfigMgr and Intune), Windows 10 and security. Sandy's interests are mostly related to Microsoft Technologies, she has passions learning new skill sets to improve her professional career and also as her hobbies. She uses her expertise to help customers achieve their goals and solve their issues.

Sandy founded the blog and is now a blogger on MSEndPointMgr.



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