ConfigMgr Community Tools: What’s in your toolbox?

There are dozens of ConfigMgr plug-ins, scripts, and tools created by community experts to ease pain points and bolster productivity within ConfigMgr. It can be challenging to stay on top of everything that’s out there – and what they could do for you. That’s why we at Recast Software put together a comprehensive list of 60+ community tools all in one place We also covered several tools in depth, with detailed use cases and video demos; find several of those tools highlighted below with links to more details

  1. OSD Builder
    • Created by David Segura (@SeguraOSD.), OSDBuilder is a PowerShell module to help you perform Offline Servicing to a Windows Operating System Image. By using an Offline method of configuring an Operating System, it can then be imported in MDT or SCCM and used like any other OS Deployment. This includes being able to use in an Upgrade Task Sequence, which you cannot do with a Captured Image
  2. WIMWitch
    • WIM Witch is a utility created by (@TheNotoriousDRR) that can be used to update and modify WIM files for Windows deployment scenarios. The tool goes way beyond the basics CM currently provides, with an intuitive UI and scripting abilities to create a more consistent process for keeping your media updated – saving you hours of time.
  3. MS Surface Deployment Accelerator
    • MS Surface Deployment Accelerator (SDA) is a Microsoft supplied GitHub project that generates your OSD Media. A PowerShell command line tool, SDA allows you to create Images for Surface Devices or anything that installs Windows.
  4. CMPackager App
    • Andrew Jimenez (@AndrewJimenez_) created the CMPackager App to save time spent packaging new versions of software as they’re released. This Automated Application Packaging tool is a PowerShell script that can be used to create applications in SCCM, it takes care of downloading, packaging, distributing, and deploying the applications described in XML “recipe” files.
  5. Collection Commander
    • Created by Roger Zander (@Roger_Zander), Collection Commander is a tool designed for IT Professionals to trigger PowerShell Scripts on a list of devices. Collection Commander adds a right click menu for users to pull up machines from a collection, which then allows the ability to run PowerShell scripts on one, many or all of the machines from the Collection Commander UI.
  6. OneVinn Tools
    • The OneVinn team of Johan Schrewelius (@josch62 ) and Jorgen Nilsson (@ccmexec) created OneVinn Tools to add functionality to a Task Sequence and improve the end user experience. The OneVinn Console provides valuable insights into your upgrades and enables remote support. It also allows you to use custom backgrounds to effectively prevent any premature login attempts, and add password protected debug functionality to the Task Sequence.
  1. Chocolatey
    • Chocolately is a software management solution that gives you the freedom to create a simple software package and then deploy it anywhere you have Windows. The tool brings the concepts of true package management to allow you to version things, manage dependencies and installation order, improve inventory management, and more.
  2. RuckZuck
    • RuckZuck is a free Software Package Manager for Windows, designed to keep the Software on your System(s) up to date. RuckZuck provides an easy graphical User-Interface to install or upgrade software with just a few clicks. It also provides a wizard to create and upload new Software entries to the repository.
  3. UI++
    • UI++ is a versatile and easy to implement user interface (UI) generation tool created by Jason Sandys (@jasonsandys). UI++ performs actions based on the user’s input – including populating Task Sequence variables during ConfigMgr Operating System Deployment. In short, UI++ does whatever you want it to do.
  4. Right Click Tools
    • Right Click Tools Community Edition by Recast Software (@recastsoftware) are a collection of individual tools or functions that allow you to take action on a single device, many devices, or entire collections, all via a right click in the ConfigMgr Console. Actions range from triggering client policies, application installs or scheduling a restart of a computer. Other Console tasks include adding or removing machines from a collection, getting detailed system information, quickly launching the content location of a package, and deleting or changing the client cache. Download the Community Edition for free here.

Interested in seeing more?

Join our upcoming webinars as we deep dive into several of these tools:

  • Update and Modify WIM Files for Windows Deployment Scenarios
    • Presented by Donna Ryan
  • OneVinn Tools, Improving End User Experiences in Task Sequences
    • Presented by Johan Schrewelius & Jörgen Nilsson
  • BIOS & Drivers Updates: Past & Future
    • Presented by Maurice Daly & Nickolaj Andersen
  • Cloud Imaging using ConfigMgr, and MDT and PowerShell Deployment
    • Presented by Johan Arwidmark

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