5 Ways to Get Ahead with ConfigMgr and Endpoint Insights

Is your organization transitioning from working at home to going back to the office? We want to help make this as seamless as possible. How? Endpoint Insights gives you the most comprehensive view of your endpoints. Instantly get access to hundreds of critical environment data points you simply can’t see natively in ConfigMgr. Whether it’s gaining important insights about what computers, monitors, docking stations and printers are back at the office to knowing critical insights about what software was installed by users on their devices while working from home, we can help!  

5 Ways to Get Ahead

How does Endpoint Insights help you? Endpoint Insights captures data like nothing else can. We give you the knowledge to make decisions and act. Check out these 5 ways to get ahead!


Do you know what laptops are coming back to the office? Do you know how many will need to be replaced? With Endpoint Insights, you can see what computers are in your environment. You’ll see the total number of laptops, desktops, servers and virtual machines. You can see how old they are and then use our handy report to start life-cycle planning and budgeting for their replacements.


Do you know what monitors are coming back to the office? Do you know how many monitors you’ll need to purchase when your computers are upgraded? Endpoint Insights will tell you how many monitors, the brands and models, that are in your organization. From knowing the total count of monitors to knowing what cables are needed by workstations, Endpoint Insights instantly delivers answers.

Docking Stations

How many docking stations do you have? What models are they? Endpoint Insights helps you see what’s in your environment. Perhaps there’s a new set of drivers that will fix a problem for some users and you are planning on deploying the repair with ConfigMgr. You can create a collection to target computers with a specific docking station through Endpoint Insight’s inventory tool. Now you can put in place an action plan.


How can you tell what printers everyone is connected to? Do you have enough printers? Too many? Endpoint Insights shows you what printer everyone is connected to, and, in addition, what print server each printer is connected to, so you can take appropriate action.

User-Installed Software

Do you know what software was downloaded by users onto their devices that isn’t allowed in your organization? For over a year now, many end-users have thrown caution to the wind and downloaded whatever software they needed. This blog post highlights this problem. Organizations want to know what was installed without their knowledge, so you can use Endpoint Insights to tell you!

Endpoint Insights Webinar

Want to learn more? See how you can access new data that you’ve never had before – insights on databases, monitors, warranty information, and more – all natively within ConfigMgr. Join me, the creator of Endpoint Insights, and my teammate, Marty Miller, as we unveil Recast’s newest security and compliance product, Endpoint Insights. Introducing: Endpoint Insights – Webinar – Recast Software

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