Set Application icon size in Software Center for ConfigMgr using PowerShell

So in this post I am going to share a cool new script I created with you. A script that will not only go beyond the 512 pixel limitation in the ConfigMgr Software Center BUT also allow for any supported image extension to be used.

ConfigMgr 1710 – 512px Icon’s Working / Not Working

Starting with ConfigMgr 1710 you can now deploy applications with 512×512 pixel icons displayed in the Software Center. If you want to add the new higher resolution icons you can do this via the ConfigMgr Admin Console. The issue is that although it will work via the console, when you try the same in PowerShell it won’t. (That reminds me to file a bug on connect)

The maximum size of an icon is 250px x 250px??

Lets assume that the bug gets fixed in the Set-CMApplication cmdlet, allowing you to add 512 pixel icons.  You then might say why do we want to add 512 pixel icons? Can we add a bitmap image instead? Or is 512 pixels enough?

PowerShell Script Work Around

This is my Software Center, I don’t know about you but I can’t see any differences between the 110 pixel and 600 pixel icons. Comparing the 108 pixel with 110 pixel icon however, you can see a tiny border in the 108 pixel version. I think that the 110 pixel icon is the winner, right?

This means you don’t need an icon image that is bigger than 110 pixels.

As you see in the below image, I have a 600 x 600 pixel icon listed. This is of course for testing purposes and I make a point of mentioning that. Technically you could put a 2000 pixel icon via the script I created, however the issue is the bigger the pixels, the longer it takes to configure the application (Open, Apply, Save).

When I added a 2048 pixel image, the setting saved succeeded, but my application never showed up in the Software Center. For preventing you accidentally put a wrong size number, I have limited pixel size between 16 to 512 in my script, unless you opt to modify that for testing purposes.

Using The Script

Note: I have set 110 x 110 pixel as default size in my script.

  • Resize application icon size with 110 x 110 pixel

    .\Set-CMApplicationIcon.ps1 -SiteServer "Your Site Server" -SiteCode "Your Site Code" -ApplicationName "Your application"
  • Resize application icon with specified size between 16 to 512 pixel, example: 400
    .\Set-CMApplicationIcon.ps1 -SiteServer "Your Site Server" -SiteCode "Your Site Code" -ApplicationName "Your application" -IconSize 400
  • Resize application icon with 110 x 110 pixel, and export the resized icon file to a specified folder
    .\Set-CMApplicationIcon.ps1 -SiteServer "Your Site Server" -SiteCode "Your Site Code" -ApplicationName "Your application" -IconFolder "D:\Icons"
  • Set a new image file for application with 110 x 110 pixel, example: a bitmap file that size is  736 x 736 pixel

    .\Set-CMApplicationIcon.ps1 -SiteServer "Your Site Server" -SiteCode "Your Site Code" -ApplicationName "Your application" -IconFileName "D:\Icons\SCConfigMgr2.bmp"
  • Set a new icon file for application with specified size, example 400
    .\Set-CMApplicationIcon.ps1 -SiteServer "Your Site Server" -SiteCode "Your Site Code" -ApplicationName "Your application" -IconSize 400 -IconFileName "D:\Asennus\Icons\SCConfigMgr2.bmp"

You will find my script on Github –

Images As Icons

Icon’s don’t always need to be icons however, don’t believe me then take a look at this bitmap file. It makes some apps look a little bit more interesting for sure:

Support Notice

The use of this script is at your own risk.

Sandy Zeng

Sandy is an Enterprise Mobility MVP since 2018. She is an experienced Information Technology Specialist for over 10 years. Skilled in Microsoft Endpoint Manager (ConfigMgr and Intune), Windows 10 and security. Sandy's interests are mostly related to Microsoft Technologies, she has passions learning new skill sets to improve her professional career and also as her hobbies. She uses her expertise to help customers achieve their goals and solve their issues.

Sandy founded the blog and is now a blogger on MSEndPointMgr.

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  • EXCELLENT, thank you for this contribution! I have been trying to audit my SC icons for years in this way!


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