Walk Through Series: Intune MDM / Android for Work : Part 3

Deploying Android for Work Applications

So first we looked at the different setups for Intune (See part 1), then we set up the binding for Android for Work (see part 2). In this final part it’s time to deploy Android for Work applications to a phone. Here is some Microsoft background reading on deploying applications for Android for Work.

Google Play Store for Work

Google Play Store for Work is the content marketplace for Android in the enterprise. It allows you to select, purchase, and manage apps for your organization. You can create lists of approved apps and manage updates. Its located here 

Login using the google account you used to bind to Intune.

  • Select the application you want to deploy. In this example we are going to deploy SAP Business Objects
  • Once you have selected your application click “Approve”.
  • You receive a message showing the application has been approved for deployment.
  • Under your company approved apps you can now see SAP Business Objects.
  • The newly approved application will not appear in the Volume-Purchased Apps until you sync.
  • Under Android for Work click “Sync Now”
  • Now we can see SAP Business Objects in the Volume-Purchased Apps.
  • Now deploy the application, its good to remember these applications are required installs and will be deployed as soon as possible.
  • After a few minutes the policy will sync and SAP Business Objects will install. There you go, very simple and straightforward.

Company Portal for Work

Its worth also noting that there are some additional settings under the company portal for work.

These can show you all available applications and what has already been installed.

Terence Beggs

An Irish man living in London, after completing a BSc in Computer Science in 2005 he started working in the IT Industry. Currently Senior Systems Officer at London Metropolitan University managing Azure and several thousand endpoints across several campuses in London. Technology focuses include SCCM, MDT, Azure, Office 365, Active Directory, Group Policy, Application Packaging, PowerShell, Virtualization and Automation.


  • Hi – I am also having same problem with Android Apps. Nothing shows up in My Work Apps. I have completed the enrollment and have approved the apps at Google Play (My Company Apps) and sync everything at Intune. I am running Hybrid setup at home lab (SCCM + Intune). Can’t get simple things with Intune/Android for Apps to work. Frustrating.



  • Hi, do some of you face the same problem as me and did you find an answer : I cannot see any apps in the Android for Work Company Portal though there as some declared as Available in my configuration (SCCM+Intune Hybrid deployment) ?
    Application deployed as Required are okay…

    • Im currently using Intune Standalone but am working on building a lab which will be hybrid. I have not had that issue, either it worked or it didnt on my installation. I will have a look around and get back to you if i come across anything.

  • Hi, thanks for reply. I tried to check this issue on another device with another account and it is working. It looks like there is some problem with my account in O365, or i dont know what is problem 🙁

    • I assume you have removed the EMS licence from your account and added it again. Might be time to log a call with Microsoft. Had a few odd issues with Intune that needed the product group to fix it.

      • I didnt remove any license from my account, anyway thank for advice Terence.

      • Oh, I got it !!!
        Not sure if my problem was only in this setup, but here is my solution:

        At first I published Microsoft Athentificator app to Play for Work, and them install it to device as Microsoft Athentificator for Work profile (with briefcase icon).
        Installation this app as standard android application doesnt help me. It must by an Android for Work app.

        Then I added my Work email into this app and enrolled it also there…

        After this I can log in to any android for work application. Yeah!

      • Thats great news Tomas, there are many little oddities with these products. Im going to try what you said on my test phone.
        Very glad its sorted now.

  • Hi Terence.
    Great web….
    I have set and enrolled my Android device as Android for Work device. I can deploy applications as Android for Work applications. But the problem is, that I cannot log in into them. Only notification about sign in error apears in these applications.
    Can you help me please? Thanks.

    • Hello Tomas
      Just to confirm, you cant login into the deployed Android for Work applications. Umm i have not come across this issue.
      Is it happening on all devices that you deploy.

  • I’am not able to deploy apps to Androdi for Work. Everething looks fine but there is not any available or installed app in compani portal on my mobile phone (android 6.0)

    • Hello Nemanja,
      Can I just check, do you have both company portals on your phone?

      • Hello Terence,

        Now, I do not have secend company portal. What is second portal? How can I get it?


      • Ah ok you should see the company portal and the android for work company portal. It means that the phone is not enrolled as an android for work phone. I suggest going through the setup just to make sure you didn’t miss something. There are a lot of moving parts. Let me know how you get on. Terence


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